Silent Toilet Leak Challenge


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Congratulations to the prize winners of the 2014 Silent Toilet Leak Challenge!

Cathy Coletti, Portsmouth, NH
Muriel Lajoie, Concord, NH

Challenge Results – Two in every 10 households found a silent toilet leak!
Participants = 78
Toilets tested = 165
Leaks discovered = 15


You may have missed the Silent Toilet Leak Challenge back in March, but there is no time like the present.  Follow the instructions below to find out if you are sending money down the toilet.

Is your toilet running? If so, you could be wasting 200 gallons of water a day!  That is three times the amount of water a typical New Hampshire resident uses indoors daily.  Even if you cannot hear your toilet running, you still may have a silent toilet leak – one of the largest water wasting culprits in the home.

To check for a silent toilet leak:

1.  Remove the toilet tank cover.

2. Drop one blue toilet dye tablet in the tank or enough food coloring to change the water color. 

3.  Wait 15 minutes and go back and look in the toilet bowl.  If the water in the bowl has turned the same color as the dye tablet or food coloring you added, your toilet is leaking.  Likely you have an old faulty toilet flapper, which is an easy and a less than ten dollar fix.  Learn how to replace a toilet flapper, as well as identify and fix other common household leaks.

*Note – You may have to use the toilet a few times before flushing all of the coloring out of the toilet.  This is normal.